Honeymoon Junkie: Everything but the Girl

After earning my MBA from Cornell University, I spent over ten years on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. While my career blossomed, I failed miserably at finding my “second soul mate” in Manhattan, and decided to write a memoir about my trials and tribulations.

I had been happily married to a girl I met in high school, when I was unwillingly and unceremoniously dumped onto the Manhattan single scene. At twenty-nine I had failed at something for the first time and felt utterly undesirable. I was chubby, wore glasses, owned a boring wardrobe, drove a pedestrian Honda, and lived in the suburbs. I faced bachelorhood while trying to balance the challenges of building a career at Goldman and parenting a four-year-old from a distance of three hundred miles. After thirteen adventurous and exhilarating years of dating, I never imagined enjoying so many relationships with such an incredibly interesting and amazingly diverse group of women.

My tale is about an underdog who miraculously finds passage on a titanic cruise that most men only dream of taking, few could navigate, and fewer could cleverly compose.  At the outset, my biggest challenge was to polish my tarnished skills and rediscover my swagger. Underneath the rust, I was blessed with the traits of an alpha male: handsome, athletic, two Ivy-League degrees, and a burgeoning career at Goldman Sachs.

Honeymoon Junkie: Everything but the Girl is a truthful confession that is a game changer, a story about emotional recklessness, becoming comfortably numb, and the perilous consequences.  The narrative exposes some scandalous relationships including the mistress of a Presidential candidate. Most men would define my adventure as “just living the dream”, but as the saga drew to a close, I faced the brink of emotional bankruptcy until I searched my soul and realized I had unintentionally fallen in love with a sweet southern belle.

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Chapter Outline

Introduction: “Honeymoon Junkie” defined and discussed.

Chapter 1: Worlds Colliding – I am unceremoniously dumped onto the singles scene and woefully unprepared for the guerilla warfare of dating in Manhattan.

Chapter 2: Birth of the Honeymoon Junkie - With the aid of a seasoned wingman I begin to learn the rules of the game with lightning speed.

Chapter 3: Quarterback Sneak – I become enamored with a girl, who just happens to be dating the starting quarterback of the New York Giants.

Chapter 4: Plastic Fantastic – South Beach becomes a fertile hunting ground.

Chapter 5: Almost the First Mistress – A romantic involvement with a model who happens to be bedding a powerful politician with serious designs on the Oval Office.

Chapter 6: The Golf Channel Gal - There is always the story of “the one that got away”.

Chapter 7: The Female Fabio – Doesn’t every pubescent boy dream of the women on the pages of Playboy coming alive?

Chapter 8: Welcome to the Barber Shop – A playful and humorous encounter with a college intern.

Chapter 9: Revisiting 9/11 - Personalizing the injustice and the eeriness of that tragic day.

Chapter 10: Hitting a Double off the Mitchell Report – Getting up close and personal with two ex-wives of players included on Senator Mitchell’s infamous list.

Chapter 11: Wing Woman – An interesting tale of how a married Turkish woman became a close friend and the perfect bait.

Chapter 12: Tailor-Made for Sex – A top model steers an exhausting voyage of erotica.

Chapter 13: Kiwi Surprise – A gorgeous New Zealander with a sordid and traumatic past.

Chapter 14: Who’s Your Daddy? – A single Mom and the mystery of a celebrity father.

Chapter 15: A Decent Proposal – A Venezuelan exotic dancer makes a tempting offer.

Chapter 16: The Tasty Danish – Hotter than Gisele, and more of a pain in the ass than a throbbing hemorrhoid.

Chapter 17: KO’d by a Southern Belle – Facing the brink of emotional bankruptcy, “the one” could save me from my addiction but things become muddled.

Chapter 18: The Long Journey Continues – Some lessons gleaned along the honeymoon trail.

Order a signed copy for only $16.95

(includes free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.)

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