Genesis for the book Honeymoon Junkie

Like so many great ideas, the foundation for this book began as scratches on the back of a cocktail napkin in a bar.  It was a frigid January evening in Maine and I was enjoying a cold beer with a friend in the Old Port section of the city after watching my daughter win her high school basketball game.

My friend had read part of my novel,¬†The Swan Diver, but he was convinced I had a better tale to tell.¬† He urged me to write about my escapades on the Manhattan dating scene.¬† I argued vehemently against the idea asking, “Who wants to read¬†a silly¬†New York City recreation of Don Juan?”

As my friend recalled a humorous list of my unusual relationship experiences, I slowly became convinced that my story was an entertaining journey from the despair of divorce to the thrills of being a jet-setting bachelor.  An outline was quickly constructed and Honeymoon Junkie soon began to light up my laptop.

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2 Responses to “Genesis for the book Honeymoon Junkie”

  1. Rachel Mendes 12. Mar, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    I’m Rachel Mendes and I have wanted to comment on Honeymoon Junkie for some time now. I have an elderly Aunt who has a book club, I had a class near her home on the same evening her club of 12-15 other elderly men & women would meet. I liked to stop and help her get ready for her club and spend time doing some studying. Well thanks to Shaun, I never got to study much!!! These adults would make too much noise! I saw and heard them come to life in a wild ways,and if I weren’t a lady I would elaborate more! Honeymoon Junkie did crazy things to these other wise stable people, they all went a bit nuts with excitment,they loved the book and said it was the best they had ever reviewed!!! The book is too steamy for me, I’m only 24, so when I’m older I may read it, but I’m sooooo curious???? They are all so excited for Mr Hawkin’s next book to arrive in Pittsburgh!!! Thank you Shaun for allowing me see that there will be a wild life after 60 LOL!!!!!! Rach

  2. After reading Rachel Mendes’s review, I can’t wait to get Honeymoon Junkie….first thing Monday morning I’m getting it…hmmm steamy…..sounds like just the escape I need!!!! Katie